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Post-Op....Can someone PLEASE help me with some concerns regarding my mother?

My mother (55 yrs old) just underwent surgery on Noverber 28,2006. She has had left temporal lobe epilepsy for 25 yrs due to scar tissue from an anurysm (sp?). She had the scar tissue removed from a good portion of her temporal lobe and also part of her hippocampus. Since the surgery she has had problems with her balance (could not walk for the first 4 days), dizziness, speech problems (formations of some words), extreme moodyness, confusion, repetition of concepts, memory and some others. Now I do understand that some of these symptoms are to be expected but what concers me the most, is the confusion and the inability to "let go" of an idea. For example, she now has this notion that my 4 yr old can come stay with her for the next three months.....this is not possible, but my mother doesn't seem to understand why. She is very insistant and keeps mentioning this to my child. My concern is not with my child, I can deal with her, but my mother honestly does not seem to understand my explaination as why this is not possible and is very emotional(both angry and pleading with me).In addition, she has been very miserable with my father, constantly scolding him and being VERY short with him. That was just an example of how she is behaving, she seems quite confused as to some concepts of the world around her and how it works (if that makes sense). She will go on indefinatly about a single subject. Now I do understand that with it being her left temporal lobe that there will be problems with comprehension of spoken and written language, but to this extent???? She seems to talk about the same concepts over and over again, and doesn't always seem to understand us. This is not all the time, she seems great at times and then, well.......We (her family) are so worried about her, she is not the same person she was prior to the surgery. We didn't get alot of answers at the hospital, as her surgeon left for a conference 2 days after surgery, we could never seem to catch her attending doctor to ask him any questions. I know that the surgeon was happy with the results, but that was only 2 days after surgery Can someone PLEASE tell me what to expect...will these things get better...will she "come around". I know that it has only been a week since surgery but I am just so worried and I know that I have rambled on here, and for that I apologize...I just have so many questions and so many seems like my worst fear has become reality....she's not the same person! Thank you in advance for any information.


Re: Post-Op....Can someone PLEASE help me with some concerns reg

Hi Dana,

I can understand your fears and frustration, but it has only been a week. I had the same surgery (left temporal lobe, part of the hippocampus outward) 3/06. I can tell you that it takes a while to get through. It took a good 3-4 months for me to get over the physical effects. Emotional didn't kick in until physical subsided just a bit (around 1 month or so). No pain meds could control the pain for me.

My thought is that your mom's ability to reason has been affected by her medication/s. The moodiness post-surgery is very common, and can be expected to continue for a while yet. The moodiness does involve all of the emotions...but they hit hard and fast! My husband has told me that I don't seem like the same person sometimes. Honestly, I don't *feel* like the same person either. I try to remind myself that I am still technically "recovering", and hopeful that the feeling subsides. But, who knows? I do still love everyone, but I feel disconnected from many and it's hard to get over that. Well, I don't know if sharing my experience has helped...but I sure hope so!

Best of luck to your mother! It is a difficult road to travel, so please try your best to be patient and understanding (to make this as easy as you can). I hope that things go well for your family, take care!


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