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Pressure from everyone to have Surgery

Dear ALL- I have had roughly one partial complex seizure every month for the past 5 years that started after a slow growing benign brain tumor finally put enough pressure on my brain. I have had one crainiotomy that removed most of the tumor. Now that I have gone through all the pre-surgical testing for epilepsy surgery (to appease my mother-ps I'm 25) I am a "great" candidate for surgery. They are not as concerned however on getting all of the rest of the tumor out that started all of this business in the first place and it's ticking me off- shouldn't that be their main concern too? If they want to fix me shouldn't they want to get the tumor as well? and to top that off my parents and serious boyfriend think it's all a good idea for me to have this surgery so I can get on with me life! I MIGHT have one seizure a month- I will go months without having any seizures at all- so what's the f**n deal. This tumor will have to come out eventually- it is slowly growing- it's now the size of a pinky fingernail- only shows up in one MRI slide. With all this pressure I don't want to have this surgery against my full conviction that they can cure me when they still only tell me it'll probably make it better- not fix it entirely. Or worse yet all the BAD things that can happen and I'm so young and havn't had a family or started my career or done well anything with myself yet. Am I being too paranoid or I don't even know- I live near a home for paralized men and everytime I see one of them all I can think is that could be me if I have this surgery- just one little slip- I know that's not the way to think but they couldn't help the seizures the first time so why should it be any different a second? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH if anyone out there can tell me WHY the had their surgery - at this point my only reason is - no seizures duh- and I could then drive- that's about it I live alone and commute and work fulltime. If this surgery is going to slow me down I want to know before it's too late and my brain is in a jar.


Re: Pressure from everyone to have Surgery

Hi fore,

I totally understand your fears of having surgery. This past year, I went through all the testing to see if I was a candidate for brain surgery. I was an excellent candidate and I did have the surgery on August 28th. I am doing great. Energy is slow in coming back, but besides that, I am doing great. I say it has slowed me down, but not by much. I'm still quite active, I just have to rest every so often. Good grief though, it hasn't even been 3 months since the surgery. :) I have had one seizure since the surgery, but that was because my brain was still swollen. I had my surgery, because the meds I was taking weren't stopping the seizures.

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "Plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

Re: Pressure from everyone to have Surgery

I understand your concerns as well. Surgery is a major life changing decision which should be thought about carefully. I don't want to say you are being too paranoid, because this is a HUGE decision, so I wouldn't say you could be TOO paranoid. But the part where you are worrying about only bad things happening: forget about them. Yes there are some risks and should be considered carefully. But a lot of times the success of a surgery like this is going to depend on two things. One, the most important, your attitude towards it; and two, your doctor (duh - lol). I can't say whether or not it will slow you down because it depends on the person, where the surgery is going to be going on, etc. However, if you apply yourself to recovering and keep a good attitude towards surgery, then you will be fine. So overall, just keep a positive attitude and hope and you will be fine.

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