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Removal of VNS

I was wondering if anyone had a VNS removed? I have had mine for 4 years and it was giving me problems. I had it removed yesterday. I am in the worst pain I have ever felt. I wanted to know if anyone could tell me how long it takes for this pain to stop. I can't move my neck. The back of my head feels like someone is hitting me with a baseball bat. My Dr said it's from the scar tissue on the muscle being cut into. There is no pain in my chest it's all my neck and my head!! I can't even sit up on my own right now!!


I had VNS implanted in 1999

I had VNS implanted in 1999 and then removed in 2004.  It didn't stop all my seizures and I didn't like the effect it had on the voice as singing in choir is one of my "safe" activities.  Wearing the magnet stopped the stimulator for when I sang, but long-term I think the treatment tightened my voice so that I cannot sing as high (I sing tenor).  What all did doctor remove?  The doctors told me they could not remove the wire leads.  They only removed the generator so that I am left with leads that go from my chest to my left neck.  Maybe they also left the wires there just in case I one changed my mind and wanted VNS treatment again. I don't recall having too much pain from the removal but of course they didn't have to access the neck.  Sorry I cannot tell you how long the pain lasts.

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