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Right hemispherectomy a success for my daughter.

Our 20 yr. old daughter was operated at Miami Childrens Hospital on 9/11/06. We can not say enough for the neuro-surgical team and the neurologists, doctors, and nurses at the hospital. The operation lasted 8 hours and her medical team called the operation a success. Her speedy recovery assured us of that. She was in ICU for less than 24 hours. We expected to see her with severe swelling after surgery. Thank God that was not the case. She was responsive immediately after surgery and winked and smiled at us when we went to see her in the recuperation room. She stayed 8 days in the hospital and was released when she began to hold food down. The pain medication she was given (percoset, morphine) caused nausea which caused everything she ate or drank to come right back out. An MRI was done a few days after the surgery which showed that there were no complications and no scar tissue. She is still on her meds and in the next couple of months she will begin to be weaned off of them. As of today she has not had any seizures. She is at home still recovering and is doing better everyday. Her appetite is nearly back to normal and, except for the loss of peripheral vision out of her left eye, she appears the same as before the surgery. Her doctors tell us that she will eventually gain her peripheral vision back to the same way it was before the surgery once the inflamation in her brain is goes down. It could take months for this to happen. We are all very happy and are so proud of her for taking this step in her life. She really taught us both just how strong she really is and for this we are truly blessed.


Re: Right hemispherectomy a success for my daughter.

Congrats to your daughter and I wish her the best as well as the rest of your family. You are right, she showed immense courage and strength to go through with this operation. I'm still sitting here debating whether or not I should go through with surgery on my frontal lobe. I'm afraid of losing my memories and personality. But rather than ending on that negative note, once again, congrats to your daughter and I wish her a great recovery.

Re: Re: Right hemispherectomy a success for my daughter.

I am Gald to hear about your daughter's Surgey. I had Brain Surgey on 9-28-78 with 19-24 months to live and that was 28 years ago. Now i have 2 to 24 Seizures a day and over 100 seizures a month.

Re: Re: Re: Right hemispherectomy a success for my daughter.

Thank you for those kind words about my daughter, but I am so glad that you proved the doctors wrong and are still here on this earth with us. But what a price to pay with all those seizures that you are having. Is there anything that the doctors can do to alleviate them?

Re: Re: Right hemispherectomy a success for my daughter.

Thank you very much rosegirl for wishing my daughter a speedy recovery. We decided to go ahead with the surgery after finding through an MRI that 60% of my daughter's right brain was not working. It was all fluid, and the other 40% was the one causing the seizures. All MRI's pointed to the right frontal lobe as the area where the seizures were originating from. She came out of this with her memory intact and her personality the same as before she had the surgery. The doctors told us that it was incredible how the left side of her brain had picked up for the deficits that the right side had created. Perhaps this may be the case with you also. What do your doctors say?

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