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The risks of Surgery when theres already brain damage

Hubby has short term memory disbaility from his auto accident when he was almost 18. Then when the seizures began 3 1/2 yrs ago, it got worse. He is now 36 yrs old. I feel he will never be a candidate for brain surgery but the Neuro says thats not necessarily true. That he too could have the surgery some day and when he is ready to pursue whether or not he truly is a candidate for the surgery they would have to do all kinds of testing and such before hand which I assumed would happen anyway. Plus he has deep seeded seizures which are seizures occuring deeper in the brain in which they would have to surgically implant leads into that particular "spot" and then run EEG testing that way to find exact surgical spot. We have met two people who have had the brain surgery and have been seizure free for years. BUt they didnt suffer brain trauma and damage from a car accident. They just had Epilepsy for some unknown reason as others have it. It all seemed so overwhelming when we discussed it. Hubby was happy about the possibility...I was against it. I dont want to make him feel like its hopeless but really isnt it a risk when he already has brain damage???? It scares me to death to even think bout losing even more of my hubby than I already lost since he began his seizures. Am I the only one feeling this way? DO I believe the Doc?


Re: The risks of Surgery when theres already brain damage

Well, getting a second opinion and doing some research might help clear your mind.

I haven’t done any research on the topic myself, but I'm willing to bet that uncontrolled seizures carry a much higher risk of causing brain damage than tightly controlled brain surgery.

I also think that if your husband is evaluated for surgery then you will have more information about what the risks are, and you can make a decision from there.

Make sure that you make your concerns clear to the doctors. Maybe you should even print out the post you just made and take it with you to the doctor's appointment.



Re: :)

Wow first let me say I feel for you .My daughter was 10 when she was in an auto accident. She is now 29 she has grand mal and petty mal seizure. I Thank God that her grand mal are under control we are working on her petty mal . we were also told she might beable to have the surgery. We just went through a stay in the hospital so they could see where her seizures were coming from ( July 07) Now we are trying to get things back to the way they were before going off the meds for this hospital stay. Anyway we have a few more things to go through to see if surgery would work. At this point I myself feel I do not want to do the surgery because I feel I will lose more of my little girl and also I was told by the Dr. IF she could have the surgery that if it did not work for her that meds might not stop the seizure after she has had this type of surgery.. So I will wait and see what the Dr's come up with and then think about it. It is a long road for us that are caring for a TBI person /loved one But I cannot even amagine what they feel like traped in a body/brain that will not work for them ,What strength God has given my little girl she is so strong... Good luck to you and your family God Bless. Marcia

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