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RNS effects on mood

I have taken a ton of medications...6? Nothing fully controls my seizures, and they all made me so tired and depressed and distracted. Has anyone had any negative mood/personality effects from the RNS?


Good question; I'm sorry I

Good question; I'm sorry I don't have an answer.  I'm considering RNS as well and I posted a question about RNS long ago at this forum and didn't get a response.  It seems the people with the most experience with RNS are part of the Neuropace business.  You may have to go to to get your answers.  But it would be nice to from individuals get an answer from patients who are not part of the Neuropace enterprise.

I haven't experienced any

I haven't experienced any mood side effects from the RNS. 

I'm getting ready for my 3rd

I'm getting ready for my 3rd battery replacement (4th unit, first implant 2003).  I have not been negatively impacted by the implant.

Thanks Lisa.  My last message

Thanks Lisa.  My last message from my epilepsy specialist was that they are waiting to get approval to implant the new RNS 320 which they say has a longer battery life and more storage.  I hope these new units last longer.  I wish you well.

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