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second opinions

Does anyone have experience seeking a second opinion in regard to surgery? Also, do you know whether insurance plans usually authorize and cover second opinions for this? thanks, Pete


hi peter, It is always a

hi peter,

It is always a good practice to get a second third and fourth opinion especially when it comes to surgery of any kind. you want to make sure the surgeon isnt overlooking something and is seeing the same thing everyone else is seeing., lets face it dr.s and surgeons can have poor vision too.. 

unless your insurance says otherwise, i dont think you will have a problem with more than 1 opinion being covered. it would be considered an office visit ..good luck babzy

Re: second opinions

Second opinions are always a good idea, especially if someone is uncertain.. Most insurance companies will cover a consult. However, if repeat testing is desired, they may not all be covered. Best to check directly with insurer on what is and is not covered.. Hope this helps!


Re: second opinions

Hi Pete,
I have seen some people get 3 or 4 opinions. There is NOTHING wrong with that. It's brain surgery for goodness sakes. And it's your brain. If any doctor has a problem with that, then they shouldn't be your doctor. Have you ever shopped for a car? Do you get the first one you see, or do some research? This is kinda the same. I agree, you should call your insurance company for the specifics


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