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Seizures right before surgery

Hello everyone- Quick survey of sorts- did having seizures the week or so before your surgery have any effect on the outcome/success of your surgery? I'm having a RTL on March 1st and I had a seizure today- and 5 last week when my surgery was originally scheduled for tomorrow(the 22nd)! I don't have seizures this often so it is odd- I think the stress is getting to me - oh and I'm trying to quit smoking too which isn't helping... so now that I sound like a total nutbag anyone have seizures the week or so before their surgery and end up in wonderful seizure freedomland? Hope all are well and Happy Hump Day! Amanda


Re: Seizures right before surgery

yeah, im sure stress is the factor. just try to relax. i went through surgery and it really wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, youll be relieved afterwards (well, maybe not RIGHT away... but you get the point :P )
get some rest! :):)

i hope everything turns out ok for you

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