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Six Month Anniversary

Hello to all of you! Hope that each and everyone of you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! This is my plan for the new year. SEIZURE FREE!!!! January 7, 2007 is my six month anniversary since my surgery. I had a left temporal lobectomy in July 2006. At that time the wonderful doctor removed 4cm of the left lobe! My recovery was a little more than anticipated. My ability to walk after the surgery was restricted. It was like I had, had a stroke. I spent 5 days in the hospital then 17 more days at a hospital rehab center. The surgery itself was a walk in the park. I had to learn to walk again along with finding the answers to the simplest questions. I am still having some problems finding the word that is on the tip of my tongue. My ability to walk is 99%. I have had no seizures!! No Headaches!! I live in Oklahoma and in our state a person only needs to be seizure free for 6 months before getting a drivers lisence. I will be turning 51 on Jan. 13. What a birthday present!! No seizures and getting a drivers lisence. You go girl!! Good luck to all of you and your futures!! Post soon Cheryl OKC, Okla


Re: Six Month Anniversary

Best wishes, Cheryl


Re: Six Month Anniversary

Congrats & Happy Bday too! Glad to hear your headaches resolved themselves & you are walking the walk again. There are many of us out here taking the same path.

My 6 mo. anniv. will be 1/31 but I've been w/o sz activity since 7/18 so I just took my first drive since Feb 2005 & even chewed my first piece of bubble gum since last year. Jaw & head didn't enjoy it but it added to the "cool" cruising in my car look! ha ha

Best wishes for a "szrfree" lifetime!


Re: Re: Six Month Anniversary

Hi Sherri,
Glad to hear that your anniversary date is so close. Until the last montb I haven't driven since in high school. Really freaked out the drivers ed teacher when I seized while I was driving. He was so scared he never spoke to me again. anyways-------
My hubby is letting me learn to drive I am studying my book and just waiting for the day to really be able to drive.
Glad that all is going well for you. If you are interested please tell me a little about your and your recovery time.

Sending good Vibes

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