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Stop Smoking

If I have this surgery it is imperative that I quit smoking. I keep trying but failing. Man, it's hard. Smoking to relieve the frustrations of this afflication only complicates the issue. Anyone here quit smoking and succeeded? Thanks, Anne.


Re: Stop Smoking

I did.
I quit smoking a few years ago. Feels like a long time ago now and I look wondering why did I ever smoke in the first place? I know why I did, I was young and it was a social thing then to do, or so everybody my age then thought. I was a teenager.

But now, when someone around me is smoking, I absolutely hate it! Cant stand the smell of it. makes me choke too.

Before I quit, I was tired of spending so much money on cigerattes and I knew it was not doing me any good either anyway. I simply thought about the consequences of what this could do to me in the long run if I dont stop and said , that's it, I have had enough. So on new years eve 2002, myself and a friend of mine decided to go cold turkey that night, our last packet and never smoke again.

That's exactly what we have done :-)

I have not looked back since. I feel better, and am much happier without them. Not kidding!

Re: Re: Stop Smoking

That's great! You found the willpower to stop a disgusting habit. It's all about willpower. I have to find that willpower too. :)

Re: Stop Smoking

hi. i had the surgery done on august 22 and i stopped smoking for it. i had smoked for 22 yrs. it was hard at first, but i think knowing that i was having the surgery done and how not smoking could help in the healing process gave me the will power to quit. yes it is hard, but keep yourself strong and have faith knowing you can do it. i smoked a long time, and if i can do it, i know you can. also, i used the commit lozgens. if you can get them, they really do work. good luck to you. be strong.

Re: Re: Stop Smoking

I never thought much about Commit lozenges. I'm glad to hear this from someone who has really tried it as opposed to hearing it on a TV commercial. I need to quit for financial reasons as well, smokes aren't getting any cheaper these days either. I live with my Father, and we both want to quit for health and financial reasons. Maybe it will be easier if we try it together. My Mother had a stroke about 10 years ago, and quit cold turkey weather she liked it or not, she was not a happy camper. What's the 'trick' with Commit losenges?

Re: Re: Re: Stop Smoking

hi. the commit lozenges are little tablets that you put in your mouth, but you dont suck on them or chew on them, you just kinda put them between cheek and gum and let them disolve. it gives out enough nicotine that helps stop the craving for a evenually go to smaller dosages until you wheen yourself off. my hubby still smokes, but he is thinking about quitting himself. i can be around people who smoke, and not be too bothered by it. your right about you and your father quitting together. that is a good support team. sometimes i feel a little craving, but i just tell myself do i want to feel bad as i did before. or great as i feel now. i can smell better. i dont caugh anymore or wheeze when i breath. my kids are proud of me, and that makes me feel even better. my husband can come in from outside,he smokes outside, and i can smell smoke all over him and it stinks.smell kinda gives me a sick feeling inside. i havent quite wheened myself off the commits yet, but im on my way. smoking yes is expensive. the price here for commits is about the price of a carton of smokes. but well worth it. good luck and i wish you well.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Stop Smoking

Thanks for the reply about the Committ lozenges Reba. I asked my Father about them, and he had a box of the 4mg lozenges sitting on his dresser collecting dust he had never tried. I agree that it would be better if we both tried to quit at the same time as it's going to be hard with someone in the house trying to quit, and the other still smoking on a regular basis. Besides the smell, the smokes will be around the house. That would make it hard for me to resist, knowing they are there.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Stop Smoking

i think you both quitting together is a great idea. you will have each other for support. yes its hard to quit if you are around it. get rid of the ashtrays. and what i also did was clean things that smelled like smoke, which also helps keep your mind off of smoking :) not too long after not smoking, things started to smell nice in the house, and not like burnt leaves, which is funny, cause i could never smell that when i smoked. its a whole new experience. now i see what my kids always told me. i really think you can both do it together. you can be each others strength. take care and good luck. keep in touch.

Re: Stop Smoking

I went through surgery several years ago, when done a lot of nerves were turning back on from not having lots of seizures. One day about a month after surgery I went to smoke a cigarette, I took a drag and threw up, took another drag and threw up again. That was it the last time I smoked a cigarette.

Hi, Did you have to quit for

Did you have to quit for the surgery? How did you do it? Man, it's brutal! I keep trying but I can't do it. Any tips for someome trying to break the habit? :)
Take care,

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