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successful surgery!

I had surgery on 1/25 and it went really well! It was a right frontal surgery to remove an AVM that was 2-3 cm in diameter. Im feeling better by the day :) Im glad its over! But Im still on meds and Im due for an EEG in April to see if I still have epileptic activity


Congrats pixie.. :) Glad to

Congrats pixie.. :)

Glad to hear the surgery is over.
Know I'll be rooting for your success.


Re: Congrats pixie.. :) Glad to

thank you, but youre not rooting as much as me though, lol. the monsters out of my head!

Re: successful surgery!

Glad to hear it went well. I'm starting to get nervous about mine on the 21st of Feb. Let us all know how you are doing.
Dawn ;-)

Re: Re: successful surgery!

thanks, but dont be nervous. believe me, i am the biggest clausterphobic/anxious/panicky person around and i went through it, luckily, you wont remember a damn thing, which is the GREAT part about it, it just goes by quickly. what you have to prepare for is excessive thirst along with a sore throat from anaesthesia, and a bit of a headache. youll be in good hands

Re: successful surgery!

Hi Pixie,

Congrats on the successful surgery.Glad to hear all went well for you. Please god you will not have any epileptic activity again. I had my surgery on the 4th January and I have not had any seizures since.I am still on meds also and I have been told I will be on them for the next 2 years.
take care,
Raid x

Re: Re: successful surgery!

thank you and i hope you stay seizure free

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