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hi am new to the site. would love to hear from anybody who has had the surgery for tempral lobe sezuires. My daugther is 11 and we are on the verge of seeing the surgon, but any info about actual experience would be great.


Re: sugery???

My experiences are detailed at the following link:


Re: Re: sugery???

thanks for the info was very helpful, glad that you are doing well. very interesting comments re tegratol its one of the drugs charlotte is on. again thanks good to hear positive outcomes.

Re: sugery???

I had a left temporal lobectomy back in September of 2006 and have been seizure free since. I haven't had any deficits in either short term memory or speech and would easily recommend this procedure to anyone who is a candidate. Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions that I could answer for you. Good luck and all the best.

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