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How do you know that you could be a Candidate for Surgery?


You will need to undergo a

You will need to undergo a lot of testing to see igf you are a suitable candidate for surgery. A video EEG,which takes at least 7 days in hospital (in Aaustralia), is normally the first step. Thereafter you will have other tests which help in the decision if you are suitable. Some of the other tests that may be encountered are a Spect scan, Pet Scan, Wada test/ fmri scan,and other interviews with psychologists and physchatrist- all to see if you and your body can cope and is suitable for surgery. Depending on whether it is right or left temporal lobe will also affect which body functions may be affected by the surgery. There are a lot of web sites with detailed information about the surgery. Here is just one one of them. Aussie

Re: You will need to undergo a

Thank you for your reply; I know there are a lot of tests to go through, I'm going to check out the link you shared with me now. Thanks again!

Re: Surgery

First thing to do is ask your doctor if surgery is an option. Typically, complex partial seizures are the only ones that are possible to remove. I'm not saying that others seizures aren't surgical or that all complex partial seizures are removable, please remember that. Ask your neurologist. He/she will be the first one to know, and if they're not sure, then testing can be done. Good luck, and I hope things work out for the best.

Re: Surgery

Hi anniemarie,
My name is Dawn and I myself underwent all of the testing last year and had my surgery on 2-21-07 of this year. Yesterday was my first day back to work and all was well. I see that aussie gave you the link with information. If you have any questions regarding the tests please feel free to write back and I can let you know how it went for me. I myself noticed a lot of them depended on where you lived (I myself am in Atlanta Georgia) and whom you were seeing for treatment as well as what type of seizures you had. I myself suffered from Complex Partial Seizures. Best of luck to you ;-)

Re: Surgery

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