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Surgery 5/30/07...after effects

Hi everyone. My name is matt. I had surgery to remove part of my right temporal lobe last wednesday, to alleviate and hopefully stop my epilepsy(3 year sufferer). The surgery was a success, for the most part. They were able to pinpoint exactly what they needed to take out, which was awesome. I'm home from the hospital now, experiencing some side effects. i'm just looking for a little feedback from other surgery sucess stories. My memory is completly intact. I'm a musician and my abilities have not diminished the slightest. Believe me, it was the first thing I checked. I do still have some aura feelings though. The docs say this is normal, but these feel a lot different than my past aura's. I get tremendous deja-vu which leads to nausea and full body tingling. The deja-vu can be triggered by dreams even. It's a whole new experience for me. I'm just curious if anyone else got this after surgery. Before hand I did get deja-vu as part of my aura, but not so defined. Other side effects are the obvious...Pain on the right side of head. The swelling has not got down quite yet. I'm a bit elephantmanish, but ice-packs help a lot, along with pain meds(tylenol, the strong stuff makes me queasy). The stitches are itchy as all get out, but they dissolving, so hopefully that will go away soon. All in all the docs say it was a success, and I just wanted to see if thse extra aura feelings i'm getting now are normal. a little anxious I guess. Everything else works just fine, which i awesome. thanks for the time. hope to hear from ya'll soon. Matt ryan


Re: Surgery 5/30/07...after effects

Well, even if it was success your brain is swollen and will be for at least a little bit longer. The swelling can cause you to have more frequent seizures. Especially if you have just gone off the steroids they give you to control the swelling. When I went through surgery and they took me off the steroids I went into Status for days.

Re: Re: Surgery 5/30/07...after effects

Thanks for the reply...they increased my meds a bit and that seemed to haved helped. I haven't had any of the aura feelings or seizure feelings the last couple of days, let's hope that continues(knock on wood). The swelling has gone down the last couple of days, so that's probably a part of it too, as you point out. The nausea is still pretty prevelant, but I chalk it up to anxiety and pain. The pain is obviously still there, but is getting better as the swelling goes down(ice packs on the face help tremendously). I'll keep you all updated as I go along. I'm home now resting, and waiting for my next post-op visit at the end of the month. thanks...Matt

Re: Re: Surgery 5/30/07...after effects


I just came out of surgery close to two weeks ago and I have already had a few seizures. Is tthis normal? I know the headaches and swelling are, but the seizures kind of freaked me out.


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