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Surgery Confirmed

Hi Everybody, The hospital rang me this morning. They have a bed for me so my surgery will be taking place tomorrow morning hopefully all going well. I will talk to you all when i get out of hospital. Take Care Raid.


Best wishes, Raid.. Know

Best wishes, Raid..

Know your friends are thinking of you.


Re: Best wishes, Raid.. Know

Raid! I keep missing you on MSN!

Good luck chook! Am thinking of you and sending you HEAPS of loving!


Peace, Love, Mung Beans

Re: Surgery Confirmed

Best of luck to you, Raid! Hope that everything goes well for you, ((hugs))!!


*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

Re: Surgery Confirmed

Hi Raid,

Best wishes and hope all is going well for you. I will being going in next Thursday on 1-11-07 to meet with my surgeon and neurologist to set the date for mine (LTL). Let us all know how you are doing
Dawn ;-)

Re: Re: Surgery Confirmed

Hi Guys,

Hello from Ireland.
I hope your all well!
I am back at home from the hospital just today and I taking it easy. I will be off work for about 2 months please god. Thank you all for good wishes,thoughts and prayers. I think I had half the world praying for me. My surgeon is very happy with my surgery and he said there were no problems or complications during my surgery. I haven't had an attack since the surgery. So I will wait and see what happens please god.
I will talk to u all soon.

Raid x

Re: Re: Re: Surgery Confirmed

glad that all went well! xoxox

Re: Re: Re: Surgery Confirmed

I'm happy to hear that things are going well for you :) You'll remain in my thoughts...take care!


*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

Re: Surgery Confirmed

How are you doing? I go in myself on Jan. 24th for left temporal lobe grid placement and removal of the hippocampus on Feb 2nd. (if my speech is found not to be in the way.) I will continue to pray for your healing Raid!
Mullleca of Minnesota

Hi Mulleca, I Hope your

Hi Mulleca,

I Hope your well. I am not to bad thanks. I still have a bit of a werid feeling where I had my scar tissue removed from my left hippocampus. I haven't had any attacks since I had the scar removed though. Three days before I had my surgery I had quite a few attacks. I am getting stronger every day. I haven't got a headache thankfully. I appreciate everyone's prayers. Thank you so much.
talk to you soon please god.
Raid x

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