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Surgery on temp lobe

I have seizures in the temporal central lobe and my hippocampus. If anyone has had surgery on either one of these areas or both, could you tell me about it, please? Thanks!!


Hi rosegirl, The hippocampus

Hi rosegirl,

The hippocampus is inside the medial temporal lobe of the brain.

Over a year ago, I had surgery on the hippocampus in my left temporal lobe.
What info do you want?

Are all TL surgeries successful?
No.. only about 60% -70% are 100% successful.
But a % of people may find that ,after surgery, they are then able to become controlled via drugs.

Is it worth the risk?
Given the extreme tests they put one though before allowing surgery, if one's memory will be affected to the immense degree some paople fear, surgery isn't encouraged.
Yes there is a risk; but, after being on all meds and finally gaining then losing control, I was ready to take that risk.
To my knowledge I've had no seizures since surgery & now I'm almost completely off AEDs.

I'm not sure what your questions are re:surgery, but ask away and I'll respond.

Re: Hi rosegirl, The hippocampus

It's losing my memory that I'm afraid of. What kind of tests do they put you through? My seizures are located in my temporal-central lobe. How dangerous is that to operate on? Since it is the central I assume the middle so it seems that it would be the most dangerous to operate on. I could be wrong(I usually am) so feel free to correct me.

I've decided to throw down

I've decided to throw down some info pages, rather than just give my opinion:

Mistaken ideas that keep people from surgery:

Memory Problems and E:

Surgery and memory:

A randomized medical study on the effects of E surgery:

hope that helps & best wishes

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