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Surgery Testing Questions

Hello my name is Samantha I am 23 yrs old and I have had "E" since I was 2. I was controlled all through highschool and one year of college and then my seizures came back in full force and won't give up. I found a new neuro who specializes in "E" and she recommended getting tested for surgery. So that is where I am now. I have scheduled all my testing that they want for the moment and have already had the MRI (came back negative) So now that I told you about me I would like to know what the neuro-psych tests are about? I am starting to get nervous just knowing I am going through surgery testing. Did anyone else feel like this at the testing stage?? Any input would be great!!! Thank you, Samantha


Re: Surgery Testing Questions

Hey Samantha, I just finished all the pre testing I had to do. I had numerous MRI's, Video EEG monitoring, neuro psych testing, and WADA. The neuro psych testing was easy, just a bunch of quizzes and tests that made me feel like I was back in kindergarden. I had to do small tasks that were timed, and I did them left and right handed. Then take a long, (130) question test that was not really a test, more of an evaluation of my thoughts and feelings. So it was not hard or anything, mostly just time consuming. The WADA test, which I don't know if you have done yet or have to do, was a little more involved, since it was a kind of sterile procedure. I was nervous about that, having half of your brain put to sleep seemed kind of odd, but turned out not to be that bad. Let me know how it goes for you.

Re: Re: Surgery Testing Questions

I might need to look into the WADA test, nothing I've tried yet has helped. I recently began having Nocturnal Seizures involving sleep talking, none of which you would hear on the evening news. I live in NW PA, anyone know of a good Neurologist in the area that might be able to help me?

To do a search for a

To do a search for a speciaist go to the third from the right at the top of the page.. and enter your state.
The best thing you can do is to search out an epileptologist (ie a neurologist that sub-specializes in epilepsy)

best wishes

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