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surgery types ?

I had a right temporal lobectomy one year ago to treat simple and complex events I endured for the last 20 years. (I'm 43 now.) Since surgery, I've had four events, one of which generalized. I currently take lamictal and keppra. I am curious to hear of others' success rates with different types of surgery. Specific procedures include: 1. The vagus nerve stimulator? 2. A second resective surgery? 3. A gamma knife or radiosurgery procedure? 4. A neurostimulator (e.g. the Neuropace)?


Re: surgery types ?

PF, my daughter had the VNS installed last Oct 24, 2006, so far she has not had any gran-mals to date knock on wood. she 3 other types of seizures though and continues to have them. which i can deal with that and so can she. right now she is take the highest dosage of lamictal for her age and weight 14yro 110lbs. the doc wants to play with the meds this summer to see if we cant get the rest under control. she's all for that since in SC you can get a driving permit at 15 yro but he's already told her she cant drive. but i still take her out on weekends to teach her while im sitting right next to her. it makes her happy and keeps her spirits up. the surgery took at under 2hrs. from the time they took her to the time the doc came out and talked with her mother and i. it will make your voice sound like froggy off the little rascals for a few days everytime they turn it up. it may tinggel somewhat from what she says. like to know anything else just email me.

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