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Surgical Sucess?

I am 17 and I suffer from a range of seizures including simple partial, complex partial and complex partial absense seizures to to a benign tumor in my lower left temporal lobe. i am scheduled for surgery to have my tumor removed next month at Yale. I am looking for anyone that has been through a similar situation and wondering if there is any success in surgerical removal of tumors ending seizures because i know that it is the cause. If anyone suffers/ed from what i go through or knows someone i would really like to know their situation and results.


Re: Surgical Sucess?

Hello- I had simple and complex partial seizures for about a year before my tumor was found and removed about 5 years ago- they told me at the time that the seizures should go away with the tumor. They did not- how long have you been having seizures? I had been having mine long enough apparently that it sort of 'spread' from the tumor sight into my brain and a month ago had a right temporal lobectomy to have them cut out the brain tissue that was all messed up and causing the seizures- it was the area of my brain that was right behind where the tumor had beenin the right temporal lobe. No seizures so far after that second surgery but be careful to assume that the seizures will go away totally with them just removing the tumor- it's very possible I'm sure but ask your DR.s if it has anything to do with how LONG you have been having the seizures- I was only hving them for one year and they found a little nest in my brain! It was heartbreaking as well...
I wish you the best of luck- give em hell too don't let them just say well you'll never know- there is information everywhere- and I'm sure they have a nice little neurosurgical resident that can find it for you ;)

Re: Surgical Sucess?

I'm had simple and partial TLE since I was 3 (back when little was known abput E & the only tests that existed were the EEG and X-rays).

I also had E surgery early last year, during which time they 'found a tumor' (benign and slow gowing which had existed since my birth) exactly in the area where they were about to operate so removed it along with other usesless areas.

Odd thing is that the tests for tumors are almost identical to the ones I had for surgery.. so I'm still perplexed as to their not having found it earlier.

It's now been a year and 3 months since surgey and, to my knowledge, no seizures whatsoever. No partials, no discovering myself afterwrds and no one has told me I had a seizure. I'm now almost completely off one drug.. and before long I'll be completely off all AEDs.


Re: Re: Surgical Sucess?

Glad you're doing so well Solis! Tests for tumors are similar to test for surgical evaluations for epilepsy. However, we have scans that are much more sensitive now and can pick up tumors or other things more easily than scans used long ago. Good thing is that they found it now!
Will keep you in my thoughts.. Take care,

Thanks for the nice words,

Thanks for the nice words, Epi,


Re: Surgical Sucess?

I had a lesion from a high temperature as a baby. A lobectomy in 1996 at Mayos Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ and seizure free for 10 years!
Think positive! I wish you well.

Re: Re: Surgical Sucess?

I had a right temporal loboctomy in 2001. I was siezure free for 3 1/2 yrs. During which I could drive. However, seizures manifest themselves again. Apparently, the surgeon didn't get all the dead cells from the Flat Dead Zone around the 1"length x 1/2" side to side scar tissue that was removed. Suspected I got the scar due to high fevers when 2 yrs.old 1956 however, during my childhood, they were undetected until 1977. My first Grand Mal.
I'm left handed hence, my left side of the brain performed the functions of the right side of brain.
Such an amazing organ, the brain Presently, I'm on Lamicatal, Kepra, Clobazam.

Re: Surgical Sucess?

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