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Surgury a sucsess!

Well my feance had his epilepsy surgury 6 months ago now, he was having at the very least a sezure a day. Since the surgury he hasnt had a single one, not even an aura! Now we're engaged and starting to think about getting on with our lives. Hes's still on medication, but if he remains sezure free for another 6 months the doctors and surgins will start o think about reducing his medication. Also he will be able to get his drivers licence again. Since the surgury he's finaly put on some weight, which he desperatly needed. Hes gone back to work, because hes a professional fisherman it just wasnt safe out there while he was having sezures all the time. So finaly we're back on a duel income, and lifes getting less stressfull. I can go to work without constantly worrying about what hes doing. He still has mood swings because of his medication (Kepra 1000 twice daily). But knowing theres a light at the end of the tunnel, i know i can handle it. So yes, everything seems to be going very well. We couldnt be happier. :D Love Jah


Re: Surgury a sucsess!

thats really great, im happy for you too!

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