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testing for possibility of surgery

I have tonic clonic seizures and atonic seizures (drop seizures). I have had seizures since I was 14, I am now 31. I am now going into hospital for invasive testing. The doctors will be shaving my head and drilling two holes over my temporal lobes and two over my frontal lobes. They will be placing electodes on my brain and depth electrodes as well. They are trying to determine if my seizures are coming from one place or more than one place. I am going into the hospital in three to five weeks and I am very nervous about the whole thing and would appreciate any information if anyone has gone through a similar experience. How you feel physically after the procedure, how they prepare you before the procedure at the hospital. Also what you do to lower your stress level? Any information would be a great help. Thanks!


Re: testing for possibility of surgery

vickie l.roy

I have been through all of the test you have discribed and them some. I temporalobectomy. (Surgery on the right temporal Lobe) They found that what was causing my seizures was scar tissue dammage from birth.

Im 37 am I have had they same types as you as well as absance seizures. ON top on that I would have several of the partal complex(tonic clonic) and it would lead up to convulsions for me.

Just take the testing one step at a time. What area are you at? I am In Northern NH. I had my surgery done at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. It is in Lebanon, NH. That is one of the best hospitals. I was pleased with my results.

I will always have to take my medications. But my seizures are not as active. Before my surgery I was having 12to 14 seizures per month sometimes more.
I am sorry if I make mistakes on my writing. here and there. my hands shake. my medications do make my hands shake. it is a side effect to one of them.

But I hope that does ease your mind a little. Listen tothe doctors and do what they tell you. Don't be pig headed like some people. IF they tell you to take it easy for a while then listen. You will have stitches. And one hell of a headache after the operation.

Please take care fo yourself. ;)

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