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Is there anyone out there that can help me? I may have bilateral TLE.

Help me! I go to UAB, and I have temporal lobe epilepsy. The doctors are not sure if my seizures are bilateral or just one side. My first video EEG said that I have bilateral TLE (mainly coming from my RTL), but my doctor (Dr. Faught) still thinks it they are coming from one side. I have a WADA test coming up on August 3. What do I need to expect? Dr. Faught told me that depth electrodes will probably be the next step (depending on what my WADA shows). What do I need to expect with that? Also, what about temporal lobe resection? I really want to have it. I have heard it really helps with the seizures. I am scared though that Dr. Faught will tell me that I am NOT a candidate for surgery. I am very anxious to see what will my tests will show. Be my luck, my seizure will either come from both sides, or my seizures will come from my dominant temporal lobe. I think I would rather take the risk of some memory loss instead of having seizures. I mean what the heck, I have already had problems with memory loss since my seizures started. Is there anyone who can help me with these questions?

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