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Tomorrow is the day...

I go in for surgery tomorrow. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. The support, the stories, the fact that I know i'm not the only one fighting these stupid seizures. I am not alone. I love all of you for caring and being the only real people, besides my real friends, that understand. We are few and far between. This site has helped me stay strong and prepare for this in so many ways. Even the people that I don't talk to, the stories I read are awesome emotion settlers, just knowing someone else knows how I feel and what i'm going through. I won't be back for about 2 1/2 weeks, but i'll let you all know how it goes. Here's to stopping seizures and getting some memory space refilled in my head. Thank you my friends.......Kelly


Re: Tomorrow is the day...

Best of luck to you, Kelly! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers...(((hugs)))

Heather :)

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