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Unfamiliarity After Surgery

I underwent in mid June 2007 a Right Temporal Lobectomy. After about a month I started getting this strange feeling of unfamiliarity. Everything I look at is like the first time I look at it - my home, the city I live in, my bedroom etc.... The term for this is "jamais vu". I have had this now for about one week. My Questions are for those who have had a right temporal lobectomy....(1) Did you ever experience this feeling of jamais vu? (2) How long did you have the feeling for (all the time or did it come and go - mine is there all the time)? (3) Did it go away? AND... How long did it take before it went away? THANKS & GOOD LUCK!!


I had a lobectomy back in

I had a lobectomy back in the first of 2006.
What you are having, I'm sure you know, are simple partial seizures.

I was in the hospital, not long ago, talking with an epileptologist who was curious to discover if I'd had any seizures after my surgery. It was then that I was told it was not uncommon (shortly after surgery)as the brain was reacting to having been operated on.
And that ,for most, after surgery seizures are temporary.

"After surgery, 60% to 70% of patients are free of seizures that
impair consciousness. Some of these patients still experience auras, sensations (odors, for instance) without an outside source.

20% to 25% of patients still have some complex partial or tonic-clonic seizures but the number of seizures is reduced by more than 85%."

hope that helps & best wishes

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