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vision feelings after surgery.

hi. i had the right temporal lobe surgery done about 2 wks ago. even though my doc told me that my perif. vision may not come back, it did, but sometimes it comes and goes and it makes me worried. has anyone had the surgery done? and if so, how is your vsion. did it restore or is it kinda like my story. thanks!


Re: vision feelings after surgery.

I had the RTL surgery as well and didn't experience any vision problems but I wanted to caution against drawing too many conclusions at 2 weeks post-op. It's just too soon!

My experiences are detailed below:


Re: Re: vision feelings after surgery.

thanks for you reply. i try not to think bad about it, because im truely blessed to have recovered as good as i have. i still get a little scared sometimes. thanks again.

Re: Re: Re: vision feelings after surgery.

I went through surgery on the left temporal lobe. They cut some of the connection between the optical lobe and my eyes. I am blind in the right periferal vision of both my left and right eye. I was immediately after surgery. The nuerologist was clear that the likely hood of getting vision back was basically none.

hi. thanks. how are you

hi. thanks. how are you doing now? my periferal vision doesnt seem to bad at times, but before all of this, i knew ahead of time that this could happen. it just feels weird at times, and i think i scare myself. just a small price to pay to be seizure free i guess:) thanks again!

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