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VNS bad side effects

Has anyone had to have their VNS taken out and if so why? I wish to heck up and down that I would NOT have got it! how about you others?


My VNS experience was written

My VNS experience was written about in the Reader's Digest story "Medical Devices That Can Kill" If anyone has any questions I'll be glad to answer them.

I had mine put in 4 years ago

I had mine put in 4 years ago. It did nothing for me. I had alot of pain in my chest where it was at, my throat always felt weird and made me lightheaded.. I just had mine taken out yesterday and the pain from the removal is horrible. The swelling in my neck is horrible, I can't sit up or move my head, it's the worst pain I have felt. So if you want to take it out just a heads up you will be in pain. The Dr told me it was from cutting through the scar tissue in the muscle is why the pain is so bad. Ihave bruising all over my neck it's worse than having it put in!!

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