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VNS limitations

I'm considering VNS, but a friend was talking to me and had me wondering if there were any limitations after you have the surgery. Like is there anything out of the ordinary that I won't be able to do?


I had VNS implanted in 1999,

I had VNS implanted in 1999, then I had a generator replacement a few years later, and finally I had the generator removed in 2004.  I just recall some short term limitations like lifting too much.  The operation itself presented few limitations.  Having the implant even caused little problems.  I don't fly much at all but I went through gates at an airport with no attention to me having this implant.  I have long enjoyed singing in choir and found it to very inconvenient to always wear a magnet for rehearsals and performance.  I also think the five years I had the treatment has left me with with a slight decrease in vocal range (can't get the higher notes I used to).  I imagine you're wondering why all the surgeries.  VNS didn't stop the seizures in the first year so it was thought that sometimes the individual unit may be defective so they did the generator replacement.  That replacement did not change the way VNS performed.  But in a few weeks I noticed VNS did change how quickly I recovered from my seizures.  It did have a positive effect but it didn't stop the seizures.  I also notice an improvement in mood and less depression.

I just had the VNS implanted

I just had the VNS implanted (Sentiva model). The first two weks I wasn't allowed to pick up anything over 10 pounds. Other than that I was told I can do anything with it implanted. The only thing the doctor told me was if I ever have an MRI they have to turn it off before the MRI.  I bike allot and that hasn't been an issue. Good luck!

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