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VNS surgery

Hi, I am due to have the VNS surgery done. I first met with my consultant about 2 months ago. So I am now waiting for a meeting with my surgeon to discuss the surgery details. My question is how long roughly have other people waiting for their surgery date???????? X 




how did your surgery go?  Has

how did your surgery go?  Has the VNS been helpful?My husband's neuro is recommending it.  There doesn't seem to be any concrete data on how to determine if it is going to help a specific person (not as much of a sure-thing as say, getting your broken leg put into a cast for healing) so I am not very excited about going down this path.any help people can give would be appreciated!

Reader's Digest article:

Reader's Digest article: Medical Devices That Can Kill is a must read for anyone either with the device or thinking about surgery. Yes, that's me in the

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