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WADA results

Well, my neurologist got my WADA test results and said I did well on both sides, meaning both my right and left hemispheres are involved in memory support.  You'd think this was a good thing (at least I thought it would be good), but apparently, it raises my risk of memory deficits after surgery (if this is the route I go).  I am full of questions and can't wait to meet with my neurologist next week to go over these results in more detail and to find out whether or not surgery is still a good option for me.  If the memory deficits are minimal or temporary that's one thing, but if they're more long term, that's a bit more serious.    Has anyone else had results like mine, where both sides of your brain control memory, and if so, did you have surgery?  If so, how did it go for you?  The more I think about things, the more worried and discouraged I get.  I just want something good to come out of all of these tests and possible surgery.  Any positive feedback would be helpful.  Thanks.

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