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Weird Post op sympotoms from RTL, anyone relate?

OK, so I had the right temporal lobectomy on January 3rd this year and am experiencing some odd problems now. I haven't had a period since January 3rd (no I'm not pregnant) and I'm only 39 but my OB checked and no I'm not menopausal either. I am also STILL experiencing facial swelling and now my joints are swelling up too. Especially on the right side. My hands are so swollen I can't get my rings on or off. I've been on a no salt diet AND a diuretic but still no change. My face is so puffy and uncomfortable, feels almost like my eye is portruding. Otherwise I am physically fine. Just in some discomfort from the swelling and feel like I have had the PMS from Hell for the last three months. Anyone else experienced anything similar or have any advice?


Re: Weird Post op sympotoms from RTL, anyone relate?

Hi there,

I do recall it took several months for the swelling to ease on my face. I didn't have trouble with limbs swelling. Have you talked with your neurosurgeon yet?

I really wouldn't worry about not getting your period yet. You will get it once your body has swung back on really can take awhile! Regarding the PMS from Hell, if you're talking about intense emotions--I'd say that's definitely the emotional impact of surgery. If you're also having cramps and bloating, that's different.

Hope that helps you, take care!
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Re: Re: Weird Post op sympotoms from RTL, anyone relate?

My neuro seems baffled at the moment. He wants me to see a rhuematologist about the swelling. And as far as the periods go, my OB thinks I need to see an endocrinologist. I'm so over seeing any more doctors right now..... I am having cramping and lower back pain and seriously I'm amazed my husband is still spaeking to me considering how nasty I have been to live with lately. Even now both knees are totally swollen as are both hands and my face. No particular reason that I can spot. I have never had a problem with water retention before, I'm just getting frustrated now. But thanks for the reply, any and all info is very helpful.

Re: Re: Re: Weird Post op sympotoms from RTL, anyone relate?

I'm sorry Mary! I'm baffled too. I wish that I could say, "oh, it's __" so you aren't furthering your limbo. I hope that you (and your hubby) gets answers and relief soon! Take care :)


*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

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