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what to expect after surgery

Ahhh yes, it feels great to give people some insight, because I was nervous about brain surgery as well! I just had a right frontal surgery on the 25th. I was prepped for operation....they started off with an MRI (I hate it.), which was only about 10 minutes long. But before that, they place navigation guides on your head (to guide the operation later on), which are dots marked off with round stickers. But before THAT, they shave off patches of hair....with a cheap razor. Very annoying. They then stuck an IV in me, but they remained very positive with me to get my mind off things. Then I had to pee in a cup, which wasnt great...after getting that IV in me...but you know. I THINK they take blood from you, but Im not sure...I could have sworn someone did. But I didnt feel a thing.... They then inject something into your IV, something that "really takes the edge off", believe me, thats some good really really relaxes you, mentally too. They then start prepping you on the operating table, but believe me youll be too out of it to know what the hell theyre doing, haha. What was done to me was that after that relaxation injection, or whatever its called, I was in la la land. I remember being wheeled into the operating room, I think they took me off the stretcher and placed me on the table, and the next thing I know, Im surrounded by 20 nurses in there, and they all seemed to be doing something to me in every part of my body, but I have no idea what. I dont know if they were poking or prodding or what, I was too out of it didnt bother me. They then put the anaesthesia mask over you, and surprisingly it didnt work right away for me...I think it took about 3 minutes. Remember, breathe deeply (because I didnt.) What freaked me out is that my legs were the first to go limp. (YOU WILL NOT FEEL OR REMEMBER ANYTHING FROM SURGERY AT THIS POINT, its just like, going to bed is all.) And then from there the next thing you know is that youre in the ICU (intensive care unit) with a massive dry mouth and sore throat. The ICU is actually the most uncomfortable part, you start waking up slowly to sounds of doctors and nurses talking loudly and buzzing around everywhere inside an annoyingly bright white room. I woke up a half hour after the operation ended. The first person I saw was my surgeon, and he seemed very happy to see me, and he told me.. "surgerys over!" and I for some reason said "yeah right." They kept asking how I felt, and I just kept saying "out of it, man". I also found out that they stuck a catheter in me. It was ... very strange. Its hard to tell whether youre peeing in it or not, but dont worry about probably are. The nurse will let you know too. The whole day I just basically kept falling asleep, which is probably what youll do too. You will be feeling SO thirsty, but depending on how else youre feeling... you might not be getting liquids for a few hours, but they do give you ice cubes to suck on which wasnt entirely bad. I did not feel horrible pain in my head right after surgery, which surprised me. the pain actually started to come along a day later, but believe me, in the ICU, they will take care of you like youre their child. They will gladly offer you painkillers. You might have a slight fever the first couple of days, because I did. Its "normal" after surgery. The "turban" they put on your head is very feels like its adding 20 pounds on your head, and with it on you can barely move your neck. But when they take it off its pure heaven... and you feel a cold breeze on the patch of your head. haha. They also put fresh gauze (not much) to put over the cut, and a comfy hat later on. The worst thing about the ICU was when they put a potassium liquid in my IV, it was very painful.....just letting everyone know that its gonna feel like a charlie horse in your arm. But just let your nurse know, and theyll slow down the dosage of it. They also give you stool softener and steroids (to prevent swelling) so just a heads up... more meds. Another thing to expect after surgery is dizziness and short breaths, once they take out the catheter youre going to have to try to walk to the bathroom, but its not fun or easy with all the IVs plugged into you! I had to thank my dad for helping me with all that! And its hard to pee because your head might be hurting and your neck might be real stiff, and when you try bending down... or sometimes get a sharp pain in your head. So be careful! And slow down! And when you walk, use the walker..because I tried to be a tough girl and walk on my own but I nearly fell... haha. Dont carry anything over 5 pounds, and if you have trouble getting up...dont strain, get someone to help you! Oh yeah, and word of advice, please STAY POSITIVE. Its the best medicine, believe me. Im normally an anxious worrier. But I just wanted to get better, so I thought about how much better Id feel eventually, getting back to doing normal things and if possible not worrying about another seizure. And think about the future of when youll stop taking these meds! I know Im looking forward to it! Fact of the matter is that this all happened so fast! Although obviously the hospital stay is the most uncomfortable... you'll be fine! I wouldnt be typing this if I were lying to you!

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