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At what stage is surgery ruled out?

This is "second-hand" information, so this is why I am asking this question. My aunt told me about her neighbour, who was diagnosed with epilepsy two years prior to considering having surgery. (no idea what type of epilepsy). My aunt said that a few months after the scheduled surgery, she saw her neighbour, whose hair was short, but was in the process of growing back (similar to what happens after chemotherapy). My aunt asked her how the surgery went, and her neighbour said that she went through the testing, but she wasn't a candidate for surgery. But my aunt did not know why her head had to be shaved, even though surgery was ruled out. My aunt did not want to pry, so she left it at that. So my question: is it possible to be prepped for surgery (hair shaved), and possibly "opened up," but have the surgery cancelled at this late stage? Or is it possible the shorn hair was due to something else? Thanks in advance!


Re: At what stage is surgery ruled out?

the hair was probably due to something else. maybe she did go thru chemo for a tomor, you dont know. unless of course it was a tumor and they went in to remove but couldnt which in this day and age of mris they knew whats there before they go in even with tumors.
the veeg shows exactly where in the brain the seizures are starting and stopping at. o my veegs, my seizures will start at different points on all over my brain, so i am not a sergery candidate or vns.
they can only do sergery if one lobe is involved is how i understood it. hope this helps.


Re: At what stage is surgery ruled out?

I too went through the surgery route at John Hopkins in Md.They had to put a testing,montering grid on my brain.The results where that my sez. where coming from too many different places for further surgery to be of any good.I also got a very bad infection out of the whole deal.This was all a little over year ago. So it's back to square one for me. Very disapointing .I was so hoping to be helped by all the testing and doc appointments that I went through.And let me tell you there was some pretty bad pain.

Re: Re: At what stage is surgery ruled out?

My husband was ruled out from surgery when they did the subdural electroids which require placement under the scalp thus a shaved head. They are done to clarify where the seizures are coming from.

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