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When is it worth getting VNS

I've had epilepsy since I was 6 and am now 30. I've tried many medications & I've had many doctors due to them moving to other states. My current neurologist is the only 1 to mention the VNS.
For Those of you who've gotten the VNS, was it because you had the more severe seizures. I have absence seizures. I'm conscious, but stare and blank out, so I'm not sure what another person is saying to me until I'm out of the absence seizure which lasts anywhere between 5-30 seconds.
Example: I'm going down the stairs, have an absence seizure so I know I need to stop going down the stairs until I can see again. Sometimes at work it's a little worse where I have absence seizure every other minute so I need to go sit down for awhile. Working in customer service kind of sucks because some people really stress me out, most likely causing those seizures.
I don't get an aura so it's unpredictable when a seizure will come.

So what I'm really trying to get down to... Do you think it's worth getting a VNS when I have absence seizures? I think the main benefit would be if I don't get absence seizures anymore I'd be able to drive.

Anyone's opinion is greatly appreciated!


 There are some symptoms,

 There are some symptoms, From the VNS but everyday cyberonics is making that technology better i have the 106 it will go off if my heart rate rises to quickly. my seizures went from grandmal to generalized, so i find the VNS a good treatment

No,you'll have more success

No,you'll have more success with surgery if that's an option,the VNS is only effective for 47 percent of people who get it,absolutely never get one of these if you have Acid Reflux like I have,the VNS caused me to have continual pain,very bad pain,th these things stimulate the nerve in your Esophagus causing constant pain for people like myself.  I just had laser Ablation done to burn out my Right Amygdala and right Hippocampus and I've never felt happier in my life.The surgery is almost painless compared to my right temporal lobectomy,only had a small headache for 1 day and some soreness where they put the headgear on me,that lasted about 9 days. They're able to place this laser in your head right on the target area within a half mm and only burn what they need to by watching it happen in real time while your in an MRI Machine.My surgeon at University of Colorado Hospital did an awesome job

I think you should get a 2nd

I think you should get a 2nd opinion

My VNS experience was written

My VNS experience was written about in the Reader's Digest article Medical Devices That Can Kill. It is a must read for anyone thinking about the

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