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Birth Control Questions

I started having partial seizures when I was 18, small partials that increased when I was on medication. After a year and a half of being on several medications (topamax, lamictal, keppra, depakote, etc) I decided to try going off meds. The side effects actually seemed to cause me to have secondarily generalized seizures. They greatly decreased off medication, as long as I watched my triggers (getting enough sleep, good diet, etc).

My periods have never been regular. When I went on birth control a few months before my wedding my siezures changed. I've barely had any trouble at all the last two years I've been on Lo Estrin for BC. The medication regulated my periods, every 28 days or so. And I usually only have very mild partial seizures one or two days before my period starts for maybe a couple days.

My BC was discontinued, and I finished my last pack in the end of September when I had my last period. I haven't ha a period yet and when I was due to I had a week or so of seizures, much worse than I've had in the last two years. I'm worried that it will happen again.

 I have an appt with my GYN in December, around the time I'm due for another period. I'm off BC until then, but I'm also worried about getting put on the wrong stuff. Any advice? I've read about the Depo shot, but not for long term. I'm even more worried now about getting pregnant someday and the effects it could have on my seizures, if they really are hormonaly related.



Re: Birth Control Questions

I hope you were told to get off them and you didn't do it on your own.

I know what it is like having seizures I also know that some medications can cause seizure in people taking them. Understand that it takes time to get the mediction dosages set right and even if they are set there could be another medication it can be coupled with that would have gotten you seizure free.

But then you are more interested in BC then dealing with your epilepsy.

I would suggest your get the diary located at the top of this page and watch the video and use it and talk to your neuro about the issuesyou are trying to deal with. I say that because the triggers you posted are not the only trigger there are with people who have seizures.

I hope this helps

Re: Birth Control Questions

I had wanted to get off the medications for quite awhile. When the doctors finally admitted they weren't sure what to do, they decided that a two-week EEG would be the best option. They actually ripped me off of my medication in attempts to induce a seizure to show up better on the EEG. When it didn't work (I felt much better off the meds), I told them I would be staying off and trying things differently.

My seizures greatly "improved". But, looking back my seizures were never bad until I was medicating. I have simple and complex partial seizures (except for when I was on medication, where I was having secondarily generalized seizures). Yes, some meds can cause seizures. Of course I know that it takes much time and effort to try and find the right medication and dosage.

I am much more concerned about birth control right now (not really for it's family-planning effects) but rather for the positive effects it has had on my epilepsy. I have a form of catamenial epilepsy, meaning that during my period (one to two days before for a few days) is when I can have clusters of seizures. The BC I was on regulated my periods for the first time ever and I believe lessened the amount and severity of my seizures.

progesterone BC could actually help to reduce seizures, but research isn't conclusive. And high estrogen BC could actually cause more. So this is a very important subject for me.

I also listed only a couple of my triggers. Lack of sleep or altered sleep patter is my biggest one. Poor diet, menstruation, stress, illness, etc are others.  

cataminial - menstrual seizures

I had my first seizure @ 15 shortly after my menstrual periods started. I am now 40 and every seizure I have ever had has been on day 4 odd of my period. The periods without seizures are years apart from 1 to as much as 7 years. Since experiencing the onset of menopause the seizures as more lenghty and can last up to more than 5 minutes.
Would eliminating my period first my use of the pill or evra patches stop the seizures an secondly a full hestorectomy. I am not prepared to take the normal drugs which all doctors in our counrty see as the only treatment. My health was severly effected my the large dosis of Epilim cr and i am much healthier without. Anybody with advice ?

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