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Pregnant whilst on multiple AED's (Tegretol, Keppra, Toprimite)

Hi, has anyone got/ been pregnant whilst on multiple meds? I take 2000 keppra, 1100 tegretol and 350 toprimite daily plus and a 5mg folic acid. I have researched the medication I'm currently taking and have found tegretol to be the unsafest to be taking whilst pregnant. I'd like to know if anyone has been pregnant whilst on tegretol or whilst taking multiple AED's as my specialist wants me to stay on my meds whilst trying to conceive. Thanks in advance!


Re: Pregnant whilst on multiple AED's (Tegretol, Keppra,

Aeds have harmful effects on fetuses, to include developmental delays and cognitive disfunction. Some drugs are worse than others for babies. Consult your obgyn and neuro to see which med combo is the safest for your baby. Best wishes

Here are some articles

Here is a grey article, go straight to birth defect risk

I took 800 mg/day of Tegretol

I took 800 mg/day of Tegretol during my entire pregnancy. My daughter was and still is beautiful, perfect, healthy, and smart! She is 24 now. There weren't a whole lot of other seizure meds to choose from back then like there are now. I'd check with your neurologist.

Any medication could have

Any medication could have possible harmful effects when taken during pregnancy. Look at the Information for Women to learn more about this. Note that carbamazepine, also known as tegretol or carbatrol, is not the 'worst' drug to be on during pregnancy. Studies to date have shown that valproic acid or valproate has the highest risk for birth defects or developmental problems in the baby. Generally women with epilepsy only have 2-3x the rate of birth defects in their children than women without epilepsy.

You can't take Keppra while

You can't take Keppra while you are pregnant. There are, however, some meds that you can still take. Talk to your neurologist

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