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Weakness after cluster?

Thursday was a rough day, had a group of cluster right after the other. After being released from the hospital I'm finding I'm having a hard time finding the right words or not having them come out right. Also having a hard time holding on to things with my right hand. Hard time typing, holding things, making it do what I want it to. It's been three days and not getting better. Anyone had this problem? I'm really tired of dealing with this already- help!


Re: Weakness after cluster?

When I had my first insult, I had that problem with worths for weeks.

When my epilepsy is rumbling I have the same problem.

For instance: I walk on my bike, while you now that's not the right worths.

Maybe is the place where your epilepsy starts in the place where you make worths, what the problem is by my epilepsy.

When its during more than a week i should call a doctor... 


These sorts of post-seizure

These sorts of post-seizure effects are common for those who have had clusters of seizures or even a single TC. I find after a series of clusters I have post-seizure effects for one to two days after (exhaustion, weakness, poor fine motor control, feeling disconnected, etc.). I have read from others here that post effects can last as long as 2 weeks - not to say yours will last that long, but just to give you an idea how hard seizures can be on the brain and body.

I had a cluster of seizures

I had a cluster of seizures about a year ago, and experienced the same type of problems. Felt like my thoughts were getting lost somewhere between my brain and mouth. My writing became somewhat sloppy, and I was also writing in an awkward order. While writing down a word, I would write the second letter first, then backfill the first letter, then continue on. It lasted for several months, then gradually began to dissipate. It just took some time, but all is good now. Best of luck to you!

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