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Summer is a unique time in a child’s life – a time to relax, make friends, and have fun! It’s also a time of adventure and trying new opportunities. For children with seizures and their parents, it may also be a time filled with uncertainty and worry. Unfortunately, these worries and fears may keep children from participating in summer activities or camps, just when they need these programs the most! Camps can provide benefits that actually improve a child's ability to cope with and manage their seizures. For example camps can help build one's self-confidence, develop peer support and increase independence.

I learned that what may work for someone may not always work for you...I am very thankful and I cannot wait until next year! 
- Jarrett, Age 17

This section is intended to help parents think about the benefits of camp for their children, while recognizing inherent risks and concerns. The content is designed to help you consider issues unique to a child with seizures as you choose and evaluate summer camps. Use this also while preparing your child and camp staff to manage seizures safely and appropriately.

Parents of children preparing for camp should also read the other modules, especially Responding to Seizures and Developing Preparedness Plans found in the Seizure Preparedness section. The resources and plans found there can easily be applied to camp preparedness! Then visit My Resource Kit and look at all the forms you can use to communicate medical information to camp staff. Parents can also visit the My Epilepsy Diary and make an electronic Seizure Plan to help camp staff know how to respond to their child's seizures.

We hope that being prepared will help people be part of the process and take charge of their lives. These modules don’t solve everything or even address everything that a person with seizures or their parents may need to know, but hopefully it will give you enough information and skills to get started.

In this section, you will find information on:

How to Find a Camp Near You

Epilepsy Foundation camps are located throughout the country. Most programs are one week and offer scholarships based on financial need.

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