F.O.C.U.S on Epilepsy

The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan and the University of Michigan's Center for Managing Chronic Disease (CDC) are currently conducting a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded, randomized controlled research study to test the effectiveness of a program for adults with epilepsy that provides:

  • The latest research findings on quality of life and epilepsy
  • Tools and a simple approach to tackling problems related to epilepsy
  • One-on-one support in selecting and working on a problem
  • Time to share and socialize with other people living with epilepsy 

We look forward to sharing the results of this study and offering this program to adults with epilepsy and their caregivers. For additional information on this and other CDC-funded epilepsy self-management research, visit the Managing Epilepsy Well Network website.

You can also listen to the "Hallway Conversations" podcast featuring an interview with Noreen Clark, PhD and Russell Derry, MPH about the FOCUS on Epilepsy program (conducted by Joseph Sirven, MD, Editor-in-Chief of epilepsy.com)

Study ID: HUM00070305 IRB: Health Sciences and Behavioral Sciences Date Approved: 1/8/2013 

The MEW is funded by the CDC and is supported by special interest project (SIP) 05-07, SIP 07-06, SIP 06-07, SIP 01-08 and SIP 09-11, and Cooperative Agreement Numbers U4 DP000043, U48DP000050, U48DP001901, U48DP001949, 1U48-DP001909.  

Authored Date: 
Monday, October 21, 2013