Day 1, Session IV

Early-Stage Diagnostic Devices and Product Pipeline: New Concepts and Initial Findings, moderated by Daniel Friedman, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology, New York University


This 6 presentations and panel session includes:

  • Cyberonics | ProGuardian RestTM | An innovative, In-Home Device Systems Designed to Monitor, Detect, and Log Night-time Seizure Activity
    Laurie Groven, Global Medical Device / Diagnostic Marketing and Sales Executive, Cyberonics
    Starts at 1:22
  • Brain Sentinel | EMG Based Convulsive Seizure Detection and Warning System
    Jose E. Cavazos, MD, PhD, VP, Medical Affairs, Brain Sentinel, LGCH, Inc.
    Starts at 12:00
  • Epitel, Inc. | Wireless EEG Patch
    Mark Lehmkuhle, PhD, CEO, CTO, Epitel, Inc.
    Starts at 24:44
  • Empatica | Embrace: Autonomic and Seizure Events -- Personalized Monitoring and Alerts
    Rosalind W. Picard, Sc.D., Empatica, Inc. and MIT Media Lab
    Starts at 33:15
  • Smart Monitor | Automated Seizure Tracking and Recording
    Anoo Nathan, CEO, Smart Monitor
    Starts at 44:55
  • RTI International | ESAP
    Kristin H. Gilchrist, PhD, Research Scientist Electronics and Applied Physics Division, RTI International
    Starts at 52:42
  • Panel session: Seizure Detection and Alerting Devices, Are They Ready for Prime Time?
    Moderator: Daniel Friedman, MD
    Assistant Professor of Neurology, NYU, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
    Starts at 1:00:05

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