Day 2, Session VII

New Directions and Opportunities in Epilepsy Research, moderated by Jacqueline French, MD, Professor of Neurology, New York University


This 6 presentation and panel session includes:

  • New Directions in Epilepsy Research
    Daniel Lowenstein, MD, Robert B. and Ellinor Aird Professor and Vice-Chair of Neurology, Director, UCSF Epilepsy Center, University of California, San Francisco
    Starts at 0:32
  • The Role of Corporate and Government Partnerships in Developing New Epilepsy Products | Presentations and Panel Discussion moderated by Roger J. Porter, MD
    Starts at 33:12
    • What Does Big Pharma Look for in a New Drug for Epilepsy?
      Santiago Arroyo, MD, PhD, VP, Head of Clinical Research & CMO, Pharmatherapeutics, Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer Inc.
      Starts at 33:47
    • What Does Big Pharma Look for in a New Drug for Epilepsy?
      Roy E. Twyman, MD, Vice President and Global Head of CNS Development, Janssen Pharmaceuticals R&D
      Starts at 42:13
    • What Does Medium Sized Epilepsy-Oriented Pharma Look for in a New Drug for Epilepsy?
      Michael Gold, MD, Vice-President and Head of the CNS Practice, UCB
      Starts at 51:46
    • What Does the Device Industry Look for When Considering Developing a New Product in the Epilepsy Space?
      Frank Fischer, CEO, NeuroPace, Inc.
      Starts at 1:04:35

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