Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy for epilepsy received approval in the Treatment of Refractory Epilepsy in Europe. Further study required by the US FDA.
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Added 9/17/10

Upsher-Smith Laboratories Adds ITI-111 (Nasal Midazolam) to CNS Development Pipeline
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Added 6/28/10

FDA Comment Period on Rare Diseases
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Added 5/11/10

Info for all the entrepreneurs working in epilepsy
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Added 4/24/10

Purple Day - Epilepsy Awareness Day- is March 26, 2010
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Added 3/23/10

A new epilepsy conference focusing on epilepsy and depressive disorders sponsored by Epilepsy & Behavior is now open for registration. For more information, go to
Added 3/08/10

New CDC funding opportunities for epilepsy research in 2010
The CDC has announced new funding opportunities for an epidemiologic study of epilepsy and for epilepsy self-management intervention research.
Added 2/11/10

Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program FY10 Program Announcements Released
The Fiscal Year 2010 Defense Appropriations Act provides $50 million to the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) . . . Read more here.
Added 2/10/10

Glaxo Smith Kline announced the FDA approval of Lamictal once a day as adjunct treatment of primary generalized epilepsy
For more information, please click on the link above to the article detailing this announcement
Added 2/4/10

CDC Releases Report on Effects of Swine Flu in Children
The CDC released a study today detailing the effects the swine flu (H1N1) has had on children in the United States. Read more here.
Added 9/4/09

Retraction of a Highly-cited 2003 Nature Genetics Paper
Researchers have retracted a highly-cited 2003 Nature Genetics paper which identified mutations underlying some types of epilepsy after discovering some blatantly erroneous results that negate the study's main finding, they report in the September issue of the journal. Read about it here.
Added 9/3/09

Bad Bargain: The Dangers of Generic Drugs; All of us want cheaper medicine—but not if it costs us our health
The article highlights many of the same concerns the Epilepsy Foundation has regarding switching of medications. While the article is indeed lengthy, page 3 mentions the concerns people with epilepsy have regarding medication switching and quotes Dr. Jacqueline French, professor of neurology at New York University Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. Read the article here.
Added 9/1/09

Vigabatrin Officially Approved Today
FDA grants marketing approval for Lundbeck's Sabril® (vigabatrin) Read the details here.
Added 8/21/09

Return of Yellow-Square Mysoline® (primidone, USP) 250 mg tablets
Valeant is now able to reintroduce the previous formulation/presentation of yellow-square Mysoline 250 mg tablets. Read the details here.
Added 6/29/09

Dr. Solomon L. Moshé Elected President of The International League Against Epilepsy
Solomon L. Moshé, M.D., a leading pediatric epilepsy clinician and researcher at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, will become the new elected President of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) on July 2 at the International Epilepsy Congress in Budapest, Hungary. Read the details here.
Added 6/23/09

Researchers Identify New Drug to Prevent Seizure Progression in Model of Epilepsy
Carnegie Mellon University researchers have identified a new anticonvulsant compound that has the potential to stop the development of epilepsy. The findings are published in the current issue of the journal Epilepsia.
Added 5/05/09

AAN & AES New Guidelines Focus on Women with Epilepsy and Pregnancy
New guidelines developed by the American Academy of Neurology and the American Epilepsy Society show the relative safety for women with epilepsy to undergo pregnancy and childbirth, but caution against taking valproate. Read the details here.
Added 4/29/09

UCB Announces First Results From Phase III Brivaracetam Studies in Epilepsy
UCB Pharma has now announced mixed results from two large Phase III clinical trials that evaluated a range of brivaracetam doses for adjunctive treatment of drug-resistant partial-onset seizures. Read more here.
Added 4/29/09

Zebinix Approved in the European Union
Zebinix® (eslicarbazepine acetate, ESL) received marketing authorization from the European Commission as adjunctive therapy in adults with partial-onset seizures, with or without secondary generalization. Read more here.
Added 4/29/09

Valproate (Depakote) Linked to Lower IQs in Babies
A study in the New England Journal of Medicine links valproate taken during pregnancy to lower IQs in children. Read 4 articles about it here.
Added 4/17/09

Special Episode of Hallway Conversations on this Topic! Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. ET
In a special episode of's Hallway Conversations, Dr. Joseph Sirven, Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic Arizona and Editor-in-Chief of, interviews Dr. Kimford Meador from Emory University on the Valproate study published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

FDA Approves Generic Topamax to Prevent Seizures
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first generic versions of Topamax tablets (topiramate) to prevent seizures. Read more here.
Added 4/3/09

Neurotech Bill Introduced in Both Senate and House of Representatives
National Neurotechnology Initiative Act seeks to accelerate development of new treatments for brain and nervous system conditions. Read more here.
Added 3/17/09