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Try out the current seizure classification?

Then take part in the EpiNet seizure classification teaching module!

This program, which has been produced in conjunction with the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Seizure Classification Committee and the ILAE Education Committee, introduces the classifications in a practical, interactive, and enjoyable way

You are invited to read a series of brief case histories and to classify the seizure types. You get feedback as you go.

  • In the process of going through the cases, you will learn a lot about epilepsy and the 2017 seizure classification.
  • It has been designed primarily for neurologists, but anyone with an interest in epilepsy is welcome to work through the cases.
  • It will take about one hour to do all the cases.

Our thanks to Dr. Peter Bergin, Auckland District Health Board, New Zealand, for providing this module.

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