Day 2, Session VIII

Clinical Stage Drugs, moderated by Steven C. Schachter, MD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Chief Academic Officer, Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology


This session includes:

  • Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. | UX007G
    Emil D. Kakkis, MD, PhD, CEO, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.
    Starts at 1:07
  • Alexza Pharmaceuticals | Inhaled Alprazolam
    James V. Cassella, PhD, CSO and Executive Vice President, R&D, Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Starts at 12:53
  • GW Pharmaceuticals | Epidiolex in Pediatric Epilepsy
    Alice Mead, JD, Vice President, Professional Relations
    Starts at 23:51
  • Insero Health | Huperzine Update
    Stephen D. Collins, MD, PhD, President and CEO, Insero Health, Inc.
    Starts at 33:30
  • Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | Ganaxolone
    Gail M. Farfel, PhD, Chief Clinical Development and Regulatory Officer, Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Starts at 42:22
  • SK LifeScience, Inc. | YKP 3089
    Christopher Gallen, MD, PhD, President and CEO, SK Biopharmaceuticals | SK Life Sciences
    Starts at 53:32  
  • UCB | Brivaracetam Update
    Joseph D'Souza, Senior Global Medical Director, UCB
    Starts at 1:05:08 
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals | VX-765
    Jacqueline French, MD, Professor of Neurology, New York University, Co-Director Epilepsy Research and Epilepsy Clinical Trials, NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
    Starts at 1:13:53  
  • Sapienza University, University of Utrecht | Pitolisant, a Histamine 3 Receptor Antagonist, in the Human Photosensitivity Model
    Dorothee Kasteleijn- Nolst Trenité, Prof Neuroscience at Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, Sr. Researcher Medical Genetics, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Starts at 1:28:55  
  • IzumiBiosciences, LLC | Elacridar
    Ton Bunt, MD MBA, President, CEO & Founder, IzumiBiosciences, LLC
    Starts at 1:39:20 
  • Brabant Pharma | 22 Years of Clinical Data using Low-dose Fenfluramine to Treat Dravet Syndrome
    Rick Stewart, Director, Brabant Pharma
    Starts at 1:50:10  
  • Realm of Caring Foundation | Charlotte's Web: The Facts and the Future
    Paige Figi, Spokesperson and Co-Founder
    Starts at 2:00:57  

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