The sites listed here are commercial sources of products that may be helpful for people with epilepsy. We have no financial or other interest in these companies and are not endorsing their products. Check with your doctor, nurse, or other resources before deciding on a purchase.

Medical alert systems
Medscope provides medical alert systems to seniors and handicapped individuals with an aim to promote independent living.

Medication information devices
MedicAlert is a non-profit organization that provides medical-alert bracelets and necklaces as well as a 24-hour response center. The response center can provide medical information to emergency personnel and will also notify family members of patient's emergency situtation.

Medication reminders
e-pill is a company that sells a wide range of medication reminders and organizers to help patients remember to take their medicines as prescribed.
OntimeRx is a medication reminder program that works on Palm held devices(PDAs).It provides alarm reminders, and a log which records whether each dose of medication was taken-or not. Personal health information can be stored on this device as well.
Tabtime is a pocket-sized electronic pillbox, which through a system of 8 daily audio and visual alarms reminds the user that it is time to take his or her medication(s).

Danmar Products, Inc. produces custom head protection, mainly hard-shell helmets, some with chin or face guards.
Plum Enterprises, Inc. produces fabric-covered foam protective headgear.

Seizure alarms
Easylink manufactures several kinds of epilepsy alarms.