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What is The Charlie Foundation?

In 1993, one-year-old Charlie Abrahams' multiple daily seizures had failed to respond to seven medications and a brain surgery. He finally became seizure and drug free using a short term Ketogenic diet. Today he remains seizure and drug free while eating whatever he wants.

The Ketogenic diet mimics the extraordinary effects of fasting on the brain. It was developed at the Mayo Clinic in the 1920s. For decades prior to most anti-epileptic medications it was an effective treatment for those with difficult to control epilepsy — stopping the seizures in one third of the people who tried it and significantly improving another third.

At the same time Charlie’s parents saw the seemingly miraculous effects of the Ketogenic diet with their son, they realized other families were unaware of it. Our world epilepsy population is over 60 million people. One third of these people have seizures that don’t respond to medications — and only a small fraction ever hear about diet therapy. As a result, in 1994 the Abrahams launched The Charlie Foundation to spread awareness, facilitate education, and advance the science of ketogenic therapies.

News from The Charlie Foundation:

  • White Paper: Proceedings of the Ketogenic Diet Therapies Symposium, March 26-27, 2015, Manhattan Beach, California. This two-day professional’s meeting was sponsored by The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies, the Epilepsy Foundation, and the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. Nutritionists, nurses, and physicians from seven southern California medical centers, plus guest speakers, assembled to share clinical pearls on applications of ketogenic therapies.

Wellness Institute

Use and success of the Ketogenic diet has grown significantly. Today the field of diets to treat seizures has grown to include improving nutrition for all people with epilepsy. In 2015 The Charlie Foundation teamed up with The Epilepsy Foundation in a Wellness Institute to promote lifestyle changes that include nutrition, fitness, art therapy and emotional well being.

“Does What I Eat Affect My Epilepsy” is a first step toward a healthy diet.


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