Shaina's Employment eJourney

Shaina Brown
Shaina Brown
Person with Epilepsy
Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Living with epilepsy has been very difficult in my employment life. I have had two previous employers dismiss me from my job. They proclaimed it was for different reasons, but I knew it was because of events that took place due to my conditions that I have with epilepsy.

The current job I have now dismissed me from basic training because they said that my epilepsy was a safety issue. I still have my job, but how can I succeed to the next level if my epilepsy is a safety issue to perform the job?

One thing that has been successful for me with employment is to start my own business. I am about to embark on opening my own food truck, Equally Yoke Breakfast, LLC. I recommend that people living with epilepsy consider starting their own successful businesses.

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