Your Epilepsy Story Makes You Stronger

Anita Meeks is sharing about how her epilepsy story makes her stronger
Anita Meeks
Person with Epilepsy
Wednesday, November 24, 2021

When I was 50 years old, I was diagnosed with epilepsy for the very first time. I had it my entire life, but somehow, I went through life without knowing it. I self-diagnosed myself as having anxiety a few years prior to my diagnosis. I suffered from stress and insomnia, and I began binge drinking to eliminate all uncontrollable emotions I was feeling.

While it was a relief to know what was going on, I have experienced a lot of heartaches because of my epilepsy. For example, I was called names by a medical doctor who didn't recognize I was having a seizure, or that I had a medical condition that was causing it. Knowing and recognizing seizures can be lifesaving. It is my goal to reach as many people as possible throughout the world, bringing awareness, education and giving hope to so many who have lost hope.

I am not ashamed to share that I have epilepsy. As a result of my experiences, I am incredibly passionate about bringing awareness to epilepsy and seizures. It is a mission of mine to help eliminate and minimize the negative stigma behind the term epilepsy.

Now, I can manage my epilepsy and feel blessed to have been given a voice to help so many who have lost theirs. I share my story publicly, I am very real, raw, and vulnerable about what I went through. I want others to be able to relate and feel that they are not alone.

With epilepsy, patience and empathy are key. Through sharing my story, I have found strength. You are not less than who you were before if you have epilepsy. In fact, you are stronger because of it.

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