Murphy Making A Difference
Kids Making A Difference

Murphy's Story


Murphy is 8 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy four years ago on New Year’s Eve. One night, her parents saw her sit up, make a loud noise and fall back down. After she fell over, her legs and arms started moving on their own. Other times, she has had absence seizures or complex partial (focal impaired awareness) seizures. Now, her medicine controls her seizures. Her doctor even said she might be able to stop taking it very soon!

Murphy With Guitar

Murphy likes to act, dance, and sing. She takes acting classes twice a week. She loves history, especially the Revolutionary War. Murphy has stayed positive despite her seizures. She keeps hoping that one day, she no longer needs her medicine. She knows it helps. Although like many kids, she doesn’t like the way it tastes. She thinks that epilepsy may make her a little bit different than other kids, but believes, “Diversity is what makes people special.” Along the way, Murphy has been able to talk to people about epilepsy and knows it’s important because, “If someone sees a seizure, how else will they know what to do? How else will they be able to help?” She doesn’t want people to be scared of those with epilepsy and teaching others about it is a great way for them to better understand.

Murphy Dancing

Murphy likes to give back to her community. She helped start a group with her parents called “Murphy’s Heroes.” With it, they help raise awareness and money for people with epilepsy. She loves doing events with her group. They walk in their local epilepsy walk and they paint their pumpkins purple. Most recently, Murphy held a Lemonade for Livy event at a nearby restaurant called TJ’s Hero Shop. She was interviewed by a local news station and it was advertised all over town. Her friend Tamia and her mom volunteered at the stand along with many others who helped them get ready for the big day. They sold lemonade, baked goods, awareness bracelets, and pins. By the time Murphy’s stand was closed, they had raised over $1,100! Murphy was even in the national Lemonade for Livy video that showed people from around the country getting involved. Click here to watch Murhpy in action. She is busy planning more events for the fall and winter because she knows that, “If you give back to the community, the community always give back to you.”

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Jon Scheinman
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