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Tatumn's Story

Tatumn MMA
Mixed Martial Arts

Tatumn is 10 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 14 months old. Over the years, she has had different types of seizures. She has to take medicine every day to control her seizures, but she doesn't let her "shakies" control what she does. Tatumn is involved in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and dance (tap, ballet and hip hop). She also plays soccer and softball and loves to sing.

Tatumn Ballet
Tatumn likes ballet, tap, and hip-hop

Tatumn’s parents are very supportive of all she does and encourage her to try new things. At the beginning of every school year and summer camp, her mom and dad have meetings with all her teachers and guides to go over her epilepsy emergency plan. They always attend her doctors’ appointments as well as her MMA and dance classes and recitals. They stand with her no matter what. Tatumn has proven to them that she is a “warrior!” She doesn’t let epilepsy get in the way of her goals. In the past, when she wasn’t having a good day because of her seizures, she would have a “PJ movie day” with her mom. But even on those days after her seizures, she would not let those “shakies” keep her down.

Tatumn MyShotAtEpilepsy

In October, Tatumn participated in the Purple Pumpkin Project. She went to the store and picked out a white pumpkin and a big orange one. She also picked out paints and decorations. When she was done painting and decorating them, her mom helped her post the pictures online. When they posted them, all her friends from MMA said they wanted to paint a purple pumpkin next year. So Tatumn asked her mom if they could have a Purple Pumpkin Party in 2018 and she said YES! Tatumn also held an epilepsy awareness event in November during National Epilepsy Awareness Month. At her school, the students wear uniforms and Tatumn thought it would be cool if one day during the month her class could wear a purple shirt to support epilepsy awareness. So she asked her teacher who then went to the principal to get approval. Tatumn’s principal let the whole school wear purple on a day to support epilepsy awareness!

Tatumn thinks it's important for people to learn about epilepsy and create awarenss because there are different kinds of seizures. She has more than one type of seizure and not everyone knows what a seizure looks like. She thinks the more someone knows about epilepsy the more they can help people who have seizures. She knows that epilepsy can often be an “unseen medical condition” and she wants to be able to “help people see it.”

Living with epilepsy has often been hard for Tatumn but she keeps a positive attitude in all that she does. She believes that epilepsy isn't who she is, it's just a part of who she is. For other kids who have seizures, Tatumn would like to say, “I know it can be hard and you may be tired sometimes but please don't let epilepsy stop you from doing what you like. I still do the things I like, I just do them differently and that's okay. I love who I am and I do not let my epilepsy hold me back. A positive mind can take you to really good places.”