Update from 2015 Shark Tank Winners

Shark Tank Competiton

Lifetime Accelerator Award Presentation

SUDEP Challenge Initiative

Mrs. Cyndi Wright, Director (2013-2016), Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute


Sub-scalp seizure monitor for epilepsy management

Mark Cook MD, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Melbourne, The University of Melbourne, Department of Neurosciences


Embrace: learn how stress and sleep impact your seizures

Matteo Lai, Co-founder and CEO, Empatica Inc.


Instant EEG to better diagnose and manage epilepsy

Aswin Gunasekar, Founder and CEO, Zeto



Emily Hoover, teenager with epilepsy


M-Kifafa mobile technology for epilepsy awareness

Rosemary Gathara, Kenya Association of the Welfare of People with Epilepsy


IR Hat, making life a bit safer for those who have epilepsy by reducing impact

Jason Hancock, Impact Reduction Technologies Inc


EpiNightNurse: Internet-based system for nightly video and audio monitoring of patients with epilepsy

Tamara and Joachim Coche, parents of a son with epilepsy 


Mobile micro-groups and semantic enabled self management

Abbas Hasan, COO, Pearson’s


Lifetime Accelerator Award Presentation